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Safe and Compassionate Massage

Oncology massage therapy has been designed to safely care for the body of a person afflicted with cancer. It is a soft massage that goes into the lymph nodes, and is often used for cancer patients and people with congestive heart failure, who have swollen legs and feet.

Benefits of oncology massage

Let us help you find peace and strength during your battle with cancer.

Natural Touch Massage Therapy, LLC. is locally owned and operated and has an experience of 15 years. You can always rely on us for the most comfortable, effective massage therapy sessions.

Benefits of lymphatic massage

Let us help you improve the movement and comfort of your limbs with our lymphatic massage therapy. Lymphedema can be very uncomfortable and restricts movement. Lymphatic massage is a gentle technique to help you soothe your symptoms. Contact Natural Touch Massage Therapy, LLC. of Little Rock, AR for better mobility.

Find the Energy to Fight Your Illness

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our oncology and lymphatic massage therapies.


  • Helps you relax

  • Encourages you to be more positive towards your body

  • Reduces anxiety and depression

  • Helps you overcome the feelings of isolation

  • Enhances your mood